TIMELINE: the world of Grace Lynn Cartwright

a timeline of events that influence the books and world

of my TRIALS OF THE BLOOD series


(Contains ***SPOILERS*** for virtually every single book in the series!!!)

33 — (Friday, April 3) Jesus’ crucifixion — first vampire created — Kristos is born in Athens, Greece


60 — Kristos’ wife and children are killed by vampires


61 — Peter creates the first werebears, including Kristos


100 — the vampire Vsevolod (based out of what is now Russia) starts keeping human feeders, starting a trend for vampires across the world, who no longer necessarily turn everyone they come across


170 — Kristos kills the first vampire (Longinus)


316 — Zacchaeus, consanguinea, is born to a poor family in Tolosa, Gaul


320 — the church makes Kristos the personal bodyguard of Zacchaeus


325 — first council of Nicaea


335 — Zacchaeus, consanguinea, becomes a vampire — Kristos is excommunicated for insubordination and failure to destroy a threat to humanity


336 — the church creates their first werewolves — among them is Adam, their first purgatum


340 — Adam turns a packmate human in an argument — church culls him, sends his pack on suicide missions


417 — Zacchaeus turns Aurelia vampire — Kristos joins Zacchaeus’ coterie


525 — Anno Domini era calendar invented based on estimated birth year of Jesus


570 — Soga no Kitashihime, former consort of the Emperor of Japan and mother to the first Empress of Japan (Empress Suiko), becomes a vampire five years after her thirteenth child is born


590 — Gregorian chants established


638 — Jerusalem and Syria conquered by Muslims


642 — Egypt conquered by Muslims (then rest of N. Africa)


711 — Muslim armies arrive in Spain


815 — the vampire Aurelia turns her first — Zacchaeus kills Aurelia — church razes Zacchaeus’ stronghold in Bulgaria, temporarily losing track of both Zacchaeus and Kristos


816 — church begins tracking consanguinea


817 — church realizes Zacchaeus must still be alive (relatively speaking)


1095 — Crusades begin (originally to quell vampire uprisings)


1119 — founding of the Knights Templar (predominantly werewolf strike teams)


1271 — Crusades largely end


1312 — Knights Templar officially dissolved (rumors abound of their continued operations)


1320 — Dante’s Divine Comedy completed


1354 — the Shroud of Turin (the burial shroud of Jesus) resurfaces


1400 — Chaucer completes The Canterbury Tales


1453 — fall of Constantinople


1478 — Tobias Sheppard is born


1492 — Columbus reaches the Americas


1495 — Leonardo da Vinci starts work on The Last Supper


1508-1512 — Michelangelo paints the Sistine Chapel ceiling


1517 — Martin Luther’s 95 Theses


1550 — Vampires arrive in the New World (America) along with the Spaniards


1600 — Sheppard comes to the New England colonies (America)


1614 — Christianity is banned from Japan (under Tokugawa Ieyasu)


1625 — Buckheim saves Sheppard from vampires


1685 — Matthew Wildes is born in Salem, MA


1692 — Sarah Wildes, Matt’s mother, is killed during the Salem witch trials


1703 — Frederick DuBois is born


1705 — John Wildes (Matt’s father) dies, Matt moves to Virginia


1712 — Matthew Wildes is turned werewolf while hunting deer


1719 — Sheppard meets Kristos, the pack squabbles, Kristos owes them three favors


1720 — Frederick is turned werewolf


1765 — Start of the American Revolution


1769 — Sheppard calls in favor #1, Kristos and the pack fight back the influence of the Anglican church over the natural packs of the colonies and wilds beyond


1776 — Declaration of Independence signed


1783, September — End of the Revolutionary war (via the signing of the Treaty of Paris)


1784 — first Korean Catholic baptized


1861-1865 — American Civil War


1866 — Kaylah Abernathy is born in southern Louisiana


1868 — Meiji Restoration in Japan lifts ban on Christianity


1871 — Frederick’s pack is killed by vampires, Frederick turns vampire


1883 — Kaylah is turned werewolf while traveling to visit a sick relative


1885 — the first car invented in Germany (by Karl Benz)


1896 — first American made car sold in the US


1903 — President Roosevelt quietly authorizes the US Military to build a force of werewolves, under the leadership of then-Colonel George Buckheim


1914 — World War 1 starts in Europe


1917 — Daniel Chapman is born


1917, Spring — America enters WW1 — the first US Army werewolf forces fight in the war


1917, Fall — Sheppard calls in favor #2, Kristos and the pack destroy a pair of vampire elders trying to move into America while the human men are away at war


1918 — Elias Clark, consanguinea, is born


1919, June — Treaty of Versailles ends WW1


1920, January — Kaylah joins Sheppard’s pack


1920, August — the 19th Amendment to the US constitution gives women the right to vote


1921 — Chastity McAllister is born in New York City


1931-1936 — Red Terror in Spain (instigated by vampire leadership)


1935 — Daniel Chapman is turned werewolf


1936 — Elias Clark starts school at Johns Hopkins University


1937 — Chastity is turned werewolf — first blood bank opens in Chicago


1939, February — US Army scouts Elias Clark (consanguinea, junior, top 10% of his class), marks him for entry, provides scholarship for the rest of his college career


1939, September — World War 2 starts


1940, September — Elias Clark, graduate of Johns Hopkins University, joins US army, continues medical training


1942 — Elias Clark is turned werewolf via General Buckheim’s program


1943 — Elias Clark, healer consanguinea, travels overseas on covert missions to help Allied forces


1945, September — World War 2 ends


1947 — Jonathan Holt is born


1952 — Jamie Holt is born


1954 — Lord of the Rings published


1969 — Jonathan and Jamie Holt are turned werewolf on a hunting trip


1983 — Ian Peterson is born in Cincinnati, OH


1991 — the internet becomes publicly available — Soviet Union dissolved


1992 — New York passes law requiring ATMs to have surveillance cameras


1997, March 20th — Grace Lynn Cartwright, consanguinea, born in Colorado Springs, CO


2001, September — World Trade Center in New York City destroyed by terrorists


2003 — finish mapping human genome — the military starts DNA mapping werewolves


2007 — Ian is turned werewolf on a camping trip


2019, November — Grace is turned werewolf, becomes purgatum — Grace kills Frederick — Kristos takes up guardianship of Lynn — Lynn

destroys Zacchaeus, consanguinea day-walking vampire — Matt takes favor #3, healing the pack with Kristos’ strength