What if your former lover threatened to destroy the very thing you were created to protect?

With a simple phone call, 2000-year-old werebear Kristos finds himself inexorably pulled back toward the purpose he was built for.

A purpose he's been trying to ignore for easily half his life.
A purpose he thought died long ago.

But this purgatum is the first he's known of in centuries.
The church killed the last one.

​​​​​​​Racing to her side from halfway across the country, Kristos learns that the day-walking vampire from his past is still alive.

And he's probably not looking to rekindle their passions.

​​​​​​​If Kristos can't find a way to stop him, it spells certain death for the purgatum, and likely all of the werewolves soon after.

​​​​​​​He can't let himself fail again.