The Dreamer Dreams (Lynn)



(Contains ***SPOILERS*** for A PLACE TO RUN!)

With a sharp gasp, I sat up in bed, the soft flannel sheet falling to my lap. I blinked in the darkness and checked the time on my phone, which was charging alongside Jonathan’s on his bedside table. Three forty-five in the morning. Hell of a time to wake up to one of those dreams.


Jonathan stirred and his hand brushed up my arm to rest on my shoulder as he sat up. “Everything okay?”


“There was a bear,” I said. Well now, saying it out loud definitely didn’t sound strange, no sir. Why was I always just blurting out my dreams to him?


He crinkled his brow at me and I let out a small huff.


“I mean in my dream.” I pushed a hand through my hair. “We were out with the pack, running on the reserve, and this bear just came barreling at us out of the forest.” And it felt just as real as my wolf dreams had before.


His sexy smirk appeared. “A bear barrelled?”


I snorted a laugh and shouldered him, my skin brushing against the warmth of his chest. “Okay, yea.” I met his eyes in the dark. “But seriously. It was rushing at the pack-” I shook my head. “Wait, no, it was rushing at me. And it had this crazy looking vamp trailing behind it.”


Jonathan nodded, his smirk turning thoughtful. “Okay. What’d the vamp look like?”


“Paler than any of the vampires I’ve seen so far, with super white hair. But here’s the kicker, Jonathan. It was daylight.”


With a gentle smile, he kissed my temple. “Vampires can’t go out in the daylight, remember? They dust. It was just a dream.”


I sighed. “Yea, but it felt more real than dreams usually do.” Well, more real than most of them, anyway.


He leaned his forehead against the side of my head, gently pressing his nose to my face. He was quiet long enough that I thought he’d just fallen asleep there. “Was it like the dreams you used to have about being a wolf?”


I winced—train to loony-town, now boarding. “Actually… yea. A lot like those.” Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut about this dream. It’s just so silly. Besides, those wolf dreams had stopped since I was attacked on the reserve. Though that had only been what, a week or so ago now? Nearly two?

He pulled his head away from mine, cocking it at an angle. “In those dreams you had before, what color was your fur?”


I sucked on my bottom lip and turned to face him.


“You were creamy white even in your dreams, weren’t you? Long before you ever got attacked.” He studied my face.


I nodded slowly. Cat’s out of the bag now. “I was.” I stared at him for a moment and then shook my head. “But this was crazy. Maybe it felt as real as those dreams had been before, but this one just doesn’t make any sense. What the hell would a vamp be chasing after a bear for anyway?” The words were tumbling over themselves and I wiped at my face with both hands.


“Maybe it doesn’t make any sense.” He tucked a wayward strand of my hair behind my ear. “Or maybe Dreamer is the most apt nickname anyone’s ever given you.”


I blinked at him. “You’re just jumping right on the Lynn-can-predict-the-future train, aren’t you?”


He laughed then and squeezed my hand. “Nah. I’m just saying maybe you get some glimpses in your dreams every once in a while.”


“And that doesn’t sound even a little crazy to you?”


“Well sure. But then again, it sounds crazy to nearly get yourself killed by a werewolf only to have those injuries heal in about a week’s time, at which point you then start turning into a werewolf yourself.” He shifted on the bed and his bare thigh pressed alongside my own as his voice dropped into that husky tone that sent warmth radiating through me. “And may I remind you, love, you’re also sleeping with a werewolf now.” He shrugged, the muscles in his shoulders rolling with the movement. “When you look at creatures like us—and learn about the vampires—you can’t help but wonder what else is out there, right? What else is possible?”


“I guess when you put it that way… but still… it seems kinda wild.”


“Says the girl who can dust vampires with her touch.” That smirk was back again.


I turned and sat facing him in his lap, my knees on either side of his hips, my breasts pressing against the warm skin of his chest. “I can do plenty else with my touch, too, you know.” I pressed my lips against his.


He pulled back and gripped my hips, pulling me against the growing hardness in his lap. “Oh Dreamer, that is something I am very well aware of.” 


I pressed my mouth to his again, and his hand tangled in my hair as he pulled me back to the sheets. Once again, I was glad we had started staying at his apartment instead of pack central.