Contemporary Urban Fantasy full of escapism and quiet intensity.


Stories of people trying to find their place in a world where the things that go bump in the night are real—while ALSO learning to make peace with what's in their blood.


With acceptance comes belonging.

Are you ready to join the pack?

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A PLACE TO RUN - TRIALS OF THE BLOOD, BOOK ONE - When she becomes a freshly-turned werewolf, Lynn wants nothing more than to truly belong with her pack. But will they still want her when it turns out her bloodline gives her terrifying abilities? - Available NOW at all major retailers!
A PLACE TO STAND - TRIALS OF THE BLOOD, BOOK TWO - When the first purgatum in over a millennium surfaces, Kristos can't deny the instinct to protect her. But can he keep her safe when the albino daywalking vampire from his past will stop at nothing to get his hands on her? - Available NOW at all major retailers!
A PLACE TO HIDE - TRIALS OF THE BLOOD, BOOK THREE - When her parents abandon her at a mental health facility after finding a leopard in the bed where their daughter should be, Naiya just wants to get out and be left alone. But will she ever find peace when a mysterious shadow organization wants to keep her locked in a research facility for the rest of her life? - Available NOW at all major retailers!
A PLACE TO CLAIM - TRIALS OF THE BLOOD, BOOK FOUR - When Sheppard meets Jessica, the sassy alpha of the South Texas pack, he can't deny the connection between them. But can he claim her as his own if she doesn't even believe in mates or forever?
A PLACE TO BEGIN - TRIALS OF THE BLOOD, BOOK FIVE - When she is cast to Earth, guardian angel Ieiazel becomes the neighbor of her very broken charge, former werewolf Garrett. But can she save his soul and earn her way back into heaven when he's given up on everything, including himself?
A PLACE TO FORGET - TRIALS OF THE BLOOD, BOOK SIX - When David, a freshly-turned werewolf, starts having viscerally real dreams along with flashes of memories of another life, he needs answers that only the mysterious Alexis seems to have. But can he live his previously forgotten life as Xaris if it means losing his soulmate?